Fall Term - Day 1 Computer Networks

Aug 19, 2019 13:26 · 167 words · 1 minute read

This morning, while eating breakfast at Mr.West cafe (right around the corner from my office in South Lake Union), I skimmed through the syllabus for my computer networks course. And instead of diving into the lectures (i.e. reading research papers and watching lectures), I decided jump start Project 1. As part of project 1, I’m modifying some python files and running network emulations (using a program called mininet).

So far, the coding is very straightforward – there are three parts and I’m on part 1, which requires adding a couple network devices to an existing topology file written in python. During today’s lunch, I’ve completed part 1 and part 2 (connecting a 3G network and a wifi network, tweaking the bandwidth and introducing network latency) and now moving on to the final part.

Today, I’ve put in about an hour of work for this course. Let’s see I can continue at this pace; after wrapping up this project, I’ll context switch over to Introduction to Information Security.