Remaining OMSCS Courses

Oct 24, 2019 20:29 · 193 words · 1 minute read

Up until a couple days ago, I had wrongly assumed that in order to graduate from the OMSCS program (and specialize in Computing Systems), I needed to complete 8 courses. At one course per term (except for me doubling up during Fall 2019), I figured I would be on track for graduating in Spring of 2021. But nope. After looking at the degree requirements on the website, I actually need to complete 10 courses. With this new piece of information, I’m now set to graduate in Fall of 2021 — two semesters later.

Although this keeps me in the program longer than I would like, I’m actually quite relieved since I don’t have to drop any of the classes I wanted to take:

  • Advanced Operating Systems (AOS)
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Compilers
  • Graduate Algorithms (GA)

Because I need to actually take two additional courses, I no longer have to sacrifice one of the (above) courses, which I had debated since I really wanted to graduate in Spring 2021 and now that that’s not even feasible, I’ll stay on path, take the above four courses, and take two “easier” courses during the summer terms.