Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol

Sep 4, 2019 07:56 · 148 words · 1 minute read

Back in 2008, I worked as a network administrator and at one point, I was responsible for configuring our data center switches that all the servers were once connected to. And when configuring the switches, I had to properly set the spanning tree configuration so that no loops would form, preventing a broadcast storm. And what’s so neat is that now, in this course, I’m viewing spanning tree from an entirely different perspective. Instead of the administrator point of view, I’m viewing it from a computer science and software development angle.

And to solidify that knowledge, this course had us students implement the spanning tree algorithm, as part of project 2. And although the grades have not been released yet, I’m pretty pleased with the project since it not only refreshed my understanding of spanning tree, but solidified my understanding since I had to code up an algorithm.