Upcoming Fall 2019

Aug 11, 2019 15:39 · 240 words · 2 minute read

My OMSCS (online masters in computer science) fall term is right around the corner, the term officially starting in about one week (i.e. August 19th, 2019). Even though the last 2 weeks have been such a blessing (i.e. summer term ending which means no early morning study sessions and no studying during lunch), I’m ready to tackle on my third (and potentially fourth classes).

Right now, I’m debating whether to take 2 courses during fall. I’m currently enrolled for two (relatively) easy classes: computer networks and information security. According to other students (as well as reviews on omscentral), these are probably the only two classes that a student could double up on: every other class in the graduate program eats up a significant time. By taking both these classes, I would be on track to graduate in 4 terms (assuming that I continue to only take a single class at a time, moving forward).

But, the biggest argument for sticking to a single class is that (first) daughter is on the way, her expected due date on September 22nd. Once she arrives, my life will be completely different and I’m not even sure whether or not I will be able to handle a single course load (while working full time), let alone two courses.

I guess for now, I’ll stay enrolled in both courses and if I’m unable to handle the course load, I’ll simply withdraw from one of them.